AAA Storage
An Extension of Your Home

Moving? Preparing your home to sell? Renovating?

Or have you noticed that your garage and basement are overflowing?

Sometimes you just need a little more space. At AAA Storage, we help you make room for what matters most. We have what it takes to make your life easier. Maybe your business is growing and you need a safe place to store overstock or equipment? AAA Self Storage unit can be reserved instantly and solve your problem. Our convenient and affordable storage at AAA Self Storage is the answer.

At AAA Self Storage, we strive to meet all our customer’s demanding needs while maintaining convenience and affordability.

AAA Self Storage convenient storage for all your personal and business needs, with unit sizes from 18 square feet to 150 square feet.

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24/7 Access

Multiple Unit Sizes

How it Works

1. Call us

2. Reserve Your Unit

3. Move in!

On move-in day, our property manager will show you your unit and get you set up. If you decide you need more (or less) space, we'll be happy to help you find a different unit.

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If you would like to view our facility or have questions regarding our services or rates, please take a moment to fill out the following form and a leasing agent will contact you shortly

Get the Most out of Self Storage

  • Plan your storage space. Place those items that you need to get to often in the moving vehicle first so that they will be placed in the front of the storage unit. Allow Space for walk-ways between stored items.
  • Make an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box.
  • Use uniform boxes for easy stacking. Be sure they are strong enough to hold 25-30 pounds. Avoid putting too much in each box. Boxes are available at all of our locations.
  • List the contents of each box on all four sides. Number the boxes. Seal boxes with masking tape or other packing tape available at all of our locations.
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in packaging paper and placed in dish pack boxes. Stack these on top.
  • Place your storage items on 2×4 boards to guard against dampness. Any concrete floor may become cold and damp.
  • Caution: It is against the law to store materials that are hazardous or combustible, such as gasoline, solvents, paint, etc. Drain all remaining gasoline from lawn mowers, power tools, boats, snowmobiles, etc. before storing them.
  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in mirror crates marked Fragile and stacked on end.
  • Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for Knick knacks, china, silverware, and other small items. Wrap in tablecloths, towels, or blankets to prevent breakage.
  • Tables with removable legs should be taken apart to save space.
  • Sofas and loveseats can be stored on end to save floor space. Always place a protective waterproof cover under the end resting on the floor. Cushions should be wrapped in plastic and placed on top.
  • Cover stuffed furniture with dust covers to protect against dust.